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Sandhill Veterinary Services provides a comprehensive service for pigeon fanciers:

As clients usually wish to wait at the practice whilst birds are examined it is advisable to make an appointment to ensure that the veterinary surgeon will be present. Last appointments are usually about two hours before the office closes.


Sandhill Veterinary Services

provides laboratory facilities for pigeon, poultry and game birds and offers disease diagnosis, routine monitoring and the supply of medicines where appropriate. The practice does not have operating or X-ray facilities.

Sandhill Veterinary Services offer the following services to pigeon fanciers:                         

  • Routine swabbing to detect Canker, Candidiasis and Spirochaete and motile intestinal bacteria.
  • Routine faeces monitoring to determine worm egg counts, coccidial oocysts counts and culture for Salmonella.
  • Examination of sick and underperforming birds with the provision of appropriate medication.
  • Post Mortem examinations and associated bacteriological examinations.
  • Advice on preventative medication and provision of vaccines.
  • Provision of routine medication e.g. multivitamins and electrolytes.


Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act we can only supply medication to birds under our care.  To be under our care we need sufficient knowledge of the birds for the care to be actual and not merely nominal.  In cases of disease we are required to make a clinical diagnosis (and hence will need to see the sick birds) before medication can be dispensed.  In addition we can only supply sufficient medication for the birds owned by that individual client.

 Sandhill Veterinary Services 14 Long Street, Topcliffe YO7 3RW telephone 01845 578710 fax 01845 577685 email